Linux On Mainframe

The enterprise Linux® operating system offers a solid foundation for your hybrid cloud IT infrastructure. See how workloads running on Linux on Z inherit the reliability, scalability and security of the IBM Z® platform and how workloads consolidated onto Linux on Z share resources to reduce costs.

IBM introduced the Integrated Linux Facility (IFL) in 2000. With IFL, the machine is capable of running Linux only workload on zSeries Mainframe. IFLs are available for all IBM mainframes as far back as the G5 series. An IFL is not required to run Linux — Linux runs on general-purpose processors (CPs) as well. IFLs simply cost less.

z/VM supports one of the world’s leading Open Source operating systems, Linux, on the mainframe. Within the VM environment, Linux images benefit from the ability to share hardware and software resources and use internal high-speed communications. While benefiting from the reliability, availability, and serviceability of IBM System z servers, z/VM offers an ideal platform for consolidating Unix and Linux workloads on a single physical server which allows you to run hundreds to thousands of Linux images. Maintec can provide you with a fully outsources Linux running as an IFL (Integrated Facility for Linux on a dedicated IBM mainframe processor or multiple instances of Linux running under z/VM.