IBM Mainframe Access

Affordable and Easily Accessible IBM Mainframe Connectivity

Why IBM Mainframe Access?

Maintec presents you with an affordable and easily accessible IBM Mainframe connectivity.

The IBM Mainframe environment can be accessed via Internet anywhere, anytime at a highly affordable price.

All you require is a 3270 emulation software and internet connection via dialup, leased line or cable. The systems can be used for long or short term requirements. Our data center is located in Raleigh, NC in a secured facility with redundant power.

Shared IBM Mainframe Access

IBM Mainframe access is now just a click away from your PC. You are an individual or a medium-sized organization you can now aspire to work on IBM Mainframe projects on a highly competitive IBM Mainframe access cost. In a shared environment, you will be sharing the system with other users in a secure environment. Security will be provided via RACF. No other user will have either access to your data or your output.

Dedicated IBM Mainframe Availability

We offer scalable IBM Mainframe accessibility options. In today’s business environment organizations require flexibility in their infrastructure to quickly upscale or downscale their operations cost. We understand the business requirements and provide a cost-effective IBM Mainframe accessibility option customized to your needs. A dedicated LPAR or a dedicated machine can be provided based upon your requirements

IBM Mainframe Access – At A Glance

Software Environment:

COBOL, PL/1, ASSEMBLER, C/370, C++, Java Compilers available


We assist in setting up a secured environment utilizing Z/OS.

Data Backup:

We provide back up for all system related data.

Operating System:




Customer Support:

24 hours of online support via email.


Systems will be available 24 x 365 days a year. Any scheduled outage will be notified via a broadcast message. 24 hours of online support via email.


Remote Access via existing Internet media including Dial-ups, ISDN, Leased Line. Internet costs applicable based on actual internet usage.

Technical Support:

We will be responsible for identifying and fixing system software. Severity based assistance will be provided for application problems, with a maximum time of 48 hours.