Internet Timesharing

Designed to perform large scale computational purposes with high reliability and security, IBM Mainframes are an all time favourite in e-business environment since late 1950’s. Mainframes come with unique properties like, scalability, backward compatibility, massive throughput and extensive input-output facilities..

Why IBM Mainframe Access?

Mainframe emerged as a prominent method of computing from 1970’s, allowing large number of users to interact concurrently with a single computer thereby lowering cost of providing computing capability. IBM introduced TCP/IP on Mainframes in mid 80’s and made it feasible to access Mainframe via TCP/IP and thus enabling Internet Timeshare. At IBM Mainframe Access, we make it possible for organizations and individuals to access Mainframe service without owning one. By this model we offer you a complete operating environment with unlimited accessibility, security, data backup and 24 hours online support via email at an affordable cost. IBM Mainframe Access services can be contracted for hourly, monthly or annually.

If you are looking for Internet timeshare with an IBM Mainframe service provider, or contemplating purchasing or upgrading an IBM Mainframe computer, we would welcome a call (contact us) from you to discuss some very exciting alternatives.

What IBM Mainframe Access offers

Software environment:

COBOL, PL/1, ASSEMBLER, C/370, C++, Java Compilers available

Operating System:





Remote Access via existing Internet media including Dial-ups, ISDN, Leased Line. Internet cost applicable based on actual internet usage. Individual PC/Node requires terminal evaluation software (TN3270). Free Emulation software can be downloaded from the internet.


We assist in setting up a secured environment utilizing Z/OS.

Data Backup:

We provide back up for all system related data.


Systems will be available 24 x 365 days a year. Any scheduled outage will be notified via broadcast message.

Customer Support:

24 hours online support via email (

Technical Support:

We will be responsible for identifying and fixing system software. Severity based assistance will be provided for application problems, with a maximum response time of 48 hours.